Where to hide spy digital voice recorders

Voice activated recorders are small enough to be hidden just about anywhere. The key is to find a suitable location so that there is minimum disturbance and maximum clarity. You can hide it on your person or in the room or in the area that the conversation is going to occur. Most recorders are digital voice activated recorders which are very convenient and has considerable storage.

On your person the best place to hide is inside the shirt or if it is a small digital voice activated recorder you can leave it in your pocket. Some are usually small so that you can clip it to your sleeve. If you are going to have a conversation in a room you can hide it in the book case or on a shelf near the area of conversation. Spy Digital Voice Recorders can be clipped under the table or chair where the conversation is going to happen.

The key here is to understand and judge the situation. If you can first size up the situation and the environment you will be able to find some suitable places. The voice activated recorder fits perfectly into most nooks and corners in the room or the furniture. If you are outside you can hide it under the chair or table. If you are definitely going to be present then it is best to hide it on yourself so that you can ensure the recorder does a perfect job. You can move around and since most of the voice activated recorders are portable nowadays it becomes very convenient.

If you are not going to be present you have to have a clear idea of the situation and assess the environment careful. Would the target be sitting or standing or doing both intermittently? Would the wind be high and causes a disturbance say for example on the sea side or will there be traffic noises that would cause problems? A good way is to be in that environment and observe .Once you find out the area where the conversations are most likely to be, hide the recorder in the closest and the most unlikely place possible.

When to use spy digital voice recorders

Spy digital voice recorders can be used in a variety of situations. At home or in the office or for social occasions the recorders can capture conversations that can inform and empower you. Some of the top digital voice recorders can contain within it hours of dialogue even if they are minute. This has made things easier and voice recorders handier.

At home voice recorders are used when children are growing up and you want to monitor their activities and their conversations. This way you can know whether they are going on the right track and prevent them from getting under bad influences like drugs, unhealthy relationships and extreme emotional issues. Some use voice recorders on their spouses or on their family to be on top of things and to understand the real feelings that exist within.

At the office there are number of uses for the voice recorder. You can track the employees and figure out mischief makers and people who are bad mouthing the company. Such trouble makers can be weeded out. You can also keep track of the general conversations and the real attitudes of the employees. If you want to ensure confidentiality of your company details you can find out if any one is leaking information. You can also use voice recorders to record verbal commitments or reveal key information. Discussions and conversations can be recorded and later be transcribed. Company meeting minutes and speeches can be recorded. Employees can also use the spy voice data recorders to find out if there are going to be layoffs or if the employer has the right intentions.

In social occasions you can use the voice recorder to record some special moments and conversations. You can use this and relive those moments later on. You can also use the digital voice recorder to record lectures; seminars and discussions. They are handy tools in parties if you want to record gossips and reveal bad mouthers.

In school an great use is to record class lectures so that note writing can be avoided during class.

How police can use those voice recorders

Voice recorders are being used by the police heavily. It is not only a handy tool but an effective problem solver as the suspects can be confronted with evidence they themselves have revealed unawares. In cases where they suspect activities of a specific individual or a group of people, the police can use mini voice recorders conveniently placed to gather data and monitor the activities of the person unawares. This data can in turn help them identify and differentiate the suspects from the actual culprits.

Police say that this will help protect police officers. Various traffic management units are also using digital voice recorders. The device is attached to the police issue radio and the suspect is informed that they are being recorded. This calms suspects down quite a bit.

More and more companies are creating and researching new digital voice recorder products specially designed for the Law Enforcement unit. It is said that these units whether they be pen pocket digital voice recorders, microphone digital recorders, have improved the quality of interviews and polygraph exams.

Most voice recorders come with a feature to save the data as a DVD which can be used later. The spy voice recorder can be used to help police retrieve information from the suspect unawares. By these techniques they can get valuable leads that can help solve a case and gather evidence for ensuring that justice is served. Voice recorders are valuable tools to use during interrogations too as the various states of mind and the level of truthfulness and fear can be gauged by experts by listening to the responses gather on these digital voice recorders. The best part is that these can be used for hours at a time because the latest technology is coming out with smaller and smaller recorders with larger and larger storage capacities.

Crime can be prevented by effectively monitoring key trouble makers. The police can use these voice recorders to prevent crime from happening and effective track and assess suspects in order to solve key cases where they are unable to gather sufficient leads.

How business man can hidden record private meeting and conversation without other people knowledge

Spy voice recorders are very effective tools to snoop on the activities of potential problem makers and weed out unwanted trouble makers from the company. The key issue though is to ensure that it is done legally .There is a lot of controversy about whether it is legal to hidden record a private meeting using digital recorders. Each state has it’s own law, so does the law in each country vary. There are many pen pocket digital voice recorders as well as smart solutions of digital voice recorders as small as a key holder or a cigarette lighter.

Portable Digital Voice Recorders or Mini Voice Recorders are one of the best digital voice recorders. Most have a built in memory card which can store upto 300 hours of conversation. You can use these recorders to archive data just like you would use a USB stick.They are simple to use and can be activated very easily either by voice in voice activated digital recorders or by pressing a key to start the process. Key ring recorders make recording of discreet conversations very handy. How you can use the voice recorder is up to you. You can be very creative and figure out ways to use voice recorders in numerous discreet ways.

What business owners can use it for supervising meeting within the company or private conversations that may spell danger for the company as it might involve leaking out key confidential data from the company. They can also use this to track the activities of their competition and ensure that they are ahead of the game. Companies keep digital data recorders are kept at strategic points in employee cabins and meeting places even lunch rooms and wash rooms to keep track of and understand the internal dynamics of the company. Key discussions and conversations can reveal what really happens within the company and what the real attitudes of the employees are. Businessmen can find this a very handy tool and are using them but as with any it is necessary to draw a line as to what is intruding into someone else privacy and protecting business interests.

How private persons can use these spy recorders to help police to catch drugs sellers?

How private persons can use these spy recorders to help police to catch drugs sellers?

Voice Data recorders are very handy tools when it come to busting drug dealers. Spy voice recorders come in super small sizes that can be effective tucked away in shelfs, furniture or even on your own person. The conversations and transactions can be recorded and the shady activities be brought to light.

If you suspect that someone is involved in the drugs racket and want to expose them, you can easily monitor their activities using the mini data recorders. A lot of private investigators, journalist and even the police find these very handy to capture conversations and key information and present it as evidence later. These handy recorders can be also used to monitor closely the activities of the suspected people.

These can be hidden on your sleeve or in your pocket or even clipped under the table where the suspect is going to be seated. If you have carefully chosen the location and placed it as closes as possible then you can record clearly all that ensues.

Most modern voice recorders are easily portable and can be camouflaged as regular items such as watches, pens or household items. Drug dealers conduct their activities in secret and it is necessary to first find out what they do where the meet clients usually. Once you have found a usual location where they hold such meeting you can find a way to install one of the spy recorders there. Be careful when you install that you do it right and test it before leaving it. Many factors can affect the voice quality of the recording. If the place is exposed to too much wind or traffic noises then your recordings might not come clear.

Once you have incriminating evidence make sure you notify the authorities and let them take action. Be also very careful with the recordings because just as they are easy to record on, one click can erase the whole data. As with any gadget your use and familiarity enables better utilization of it. Also before you involve in exposing drug racketeers, make sure you take adequate steps to keep your identity and activities completely secret.

Application of Spy Digital Voice Recorders

Voice activated recorders can help prevent inform and protect. Maybe it is a cheating employee who might be leaking company information to clients, or you want to know what they talk behind you and what they really feel. Some use digital voice recorders to spy on their spouses, business partners, and competitors and even on their employers.

In situations where you feel that something suspicious is going on behind you back or you want to prevent some mishap dues to conspiracy the best way is to use a mini voice recorder. You can use it very discreetly or hide it so that no one suspects it. This way you can verify whether your doubts are well founded or not. You can use it for understanding what happens when you are away from the scene or maybe if you want gather evidence or reveal wrong doings. Portable voice recorders can be handy even if you are outdoors, to capture special conversations or mutual commitments. For parents the can monitor the activities and interactions of their children so as to protect them from getting into wrong company or under bad influences.

Spy voice recorders can also be used in offices to track employee behavior and motivations. These voice recorders can be used to monitor the general attitude of the employees to the company and management and help weed out trouble makers faster. In cases where the company is suspicious that the confidential information is being leaked the mini voice recorders can be used to gather evidence and track the people who are engaging in such activity, Such voice recorders also enable employers to track what the employee are doing when supervision is not there.

Spy voice recorders are useful for employees too. If they feel that the employer intentions are not right or there are going to be sudden layoffs of internal politics they can track that through these voice recorders. They can gather the internal management attitudes and upcoming corporate decisions well in advance. These mini voice recorders can gather conversations held behind your back and help you smell out conspiracies.

Too many unwanted calls? Don’t change your number, change your voice!

Voice Changer

We all happened to have to deal with unwanted phone calls, either of a business or personal nature. It’s not exactly pleasant to receive a call while you are in the shower, crawl out, and answer the phone just to find out that it’s just another telemarketing operator calling us for the umpteenth time to sell us something that we don’t really need, or a person we do not really have the time (or the mood) to talk to.

Sometimes, especially if the person who receives the call is a woman, and in particular if she is living alone, unwanted calls might turn into a real harassment, in some cases even of a sexual nature. To protect yourselves from these fastidious calls, there is a technological remedy, an electronic voice changer.

The name says it all: a voice changer is a device that allows you to change the sound of your voice when you answer the phone, either landline or mobile. A woman picking up the phone, for example, might sound like an older man, a child or a boy, while a man can turn his voice into that of a woman, in a completely natural way.

Voice changing devices work on the frequencies of the human voice, manipulating them electronically in a totally natural way, without adding a metallic sound, You just select the kind of voice you want to sound like, and you will be free from molesters, salespersons, creditors and so on.

Furthermore, thanks to a voice changer you will be able to add some background noises or sounds, such as the sound of a doorbell, a barking dog or a crying baby, which will give you a perfect excuse to hang up on an unwanted call. So, if you don’t want to change your phone number… just change your voice!

A mini digital video recorder that works underwater and in the dark

DVR 510

Some weeks ago, we have showed you the latest model of digital video recorder by Flip, a manufacturer which is also inspiring its competitors for the launch of their new products. Vivitar has just introduced a model which, though with a smaller memory capacity compared to Flip (4Gb vs. 8), sports some characteristics which make it unique.

The size is equally tiny, and within just 11 by 6 centimeters, DVR 510 has all the features of a high-end miniature video recorder: a 1.8” display, 8X digital zoom, a built-in USB connector just like its competitors’ namesake, a 640×480 pixel resolution in AVI format, a TV output and a 2Gb in-built memory which, with a MicroSD card, can be expanded up to 4Gb.

What makes it one of a kind, though, is the night vision and, most of all, its waterproof shell which makes it suitable for shooting underwater footage. In fact, DVR 510 can be used at up to 5 meters of depth. It is by no means a professional underwater camera, but can surely be a useful accessory to shoot memories of your adventures during your seaside holidays.

Infrared night vision makes it suitable also for a wide range of potentials, such as a useful support for surveillance operations, or as a hidden camera for night videos, both leisurely and professional. All this, furthermore, comes at a very reasonable price. In fact, the retail price of Vivitar’s new toy starts at 50 dollars.

Are you looking for a Mini voice recorder?

Are you looking for a Mini voice recorder?

If you are a tired secretary or a journalist, messed up with heaps of data and facing an absolute trauma of recollecting all information. Then you finally have a hi-tech solution with Endoacustica’s latest mini voice recorder. The apparatus is a sleek handy and less troublesome gadget aiding high sound quality recording. The device actively takes up the recording job and is also apt to be connected to a pc with USB port. The prevalent software can function with windows 2000 / XP OS, allowing manual regulation with facilities to reset all parameters as required. The voice messages are stored in standard formats. With a dual function of storing and transferring audio signals the tool enacts as a flash disc available in various models depending on memory space. The models flourish within a range of 128 to 2048 MB. For an organized systematic functioning there are time and date facilities with each recorded version.

Further to maintain sound quality at all times Endoacustica has especially blessed it with an inbuilt microphone to pick up even softer conversations. The product is particularly designed to cover a wider range of frequency using lesser power. Not only professionals, the device is too ideal for students who needlessly keep worrying on lengthy lecture notes, now with the mini voice recorder they can record all and refer later without missing a word or reference. The recorder is a true bliss for the education system aiding a sharper smarter edge.

Is Stereo voice recorder a genuine advancement?

Is Stereo voice recorder a genuine advancement?

With a view to bring together the incredible recording features with stereo facilities, Endoacustica has developed new Stereo voice recorder. The device is specially designed to record and store all voice messages along with an earphone to play back later. Aiding high sound quality, the stereo mode particularly utilises two channels simultaneously. It covers a wide frequency range extending from 300 to 3400 Hz. There are various models available to suit individual requirements with 128, 256, 512 and 1024 MB inbuilt flash memory. The absence of any mobile part, make the instrument apt to work in a vast temperature range and dusty atmosphere. Further, the most appreciable is the Voice activation system which help maintain longer recording time by compressing the in between halts. The system can also be regulated by setting in parameters for height and period of audio signals.

Each and every message is stamped with actual time clock, message length and voice activation mode status. The supplied software is functional with windows XP / 9X / 2000 / ME / NT, and allows easy transfer of all the data to a computer’s hard drive in WAV sound format. Apart from these the apparatus can be completely reconfigured with the provided software. Security issues are too worked upon by aiding password protection on all data and audio transfers. With battery life of 17 hours in recording mode and 3 months in the stand by the stereo voice recorder is truly a genuine advancement.