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Directional Microphones

Using a directional microphone is recommended for a wide array of diverse applications, ranging from long-distance surveillance, to monitoring possible gas leaks thanks to extremely sensitive microphones which can pick up sounds with frequencies above reach of the human ear.

There are laser microphones which, by pointing a laser beam on a window several hundred meters away, are capable of reading the vibrations of the window glass, caused by conversations taking place inside the room behind the window; these vibrations are translated into voice and transmitted towards a receiving station located at a safe distance. These laser microphones are vital elements when fighting organized crime, as they give police forces the advantage of operating from a safe distance.

Directional microphones can also be used, depending on their characteristics, in the show business field, for example when shooting movie scenes, or for open air TV footage. In the security and accident prevention field, the so-called ultrasonic receivers, special microphones capable of picking up high-frequency sounds beyond reach of the human ear, can for example hear the sound of a gas leak, helping us to act quickly and avoid any damage.

In a few words, parabolic microphones have an endless range of possible applications, and all this at a cost that is now affordable for pretty much everyone.