GSM jammers: moving a step ahead

GSM jammers: moving a step ahead

With the latest 2009 version GSM jammers progressed further with jamming Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections too upgrading the traditional variety of just blocking the phone networks disabling the instrument further. The small sized innovative 3G band package is applicable in all countries; though its use is considered illegal by law varying from place to place.

As of now, most allow the legal use in schools particularly during examinations, hospitals and jails purely banked upon their crucial utilization of a possible deceive, amity and security respectively. The newer version is available at both 1200 and 1400 Mw apt to reach out a range of around 30 to 40 metres i.e. unlike the older construction where the communication was blocked for a phone with enough frequency interference disconnecting any or all signals ranging to a limit of about 9 metres only, and now capable to switch off connectivity of a particular arena as per requirement such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms etc.

With this hi-tech technology too the factors inclusive of the location, inside outside, humidity, temperature, physical blockages etc can’t be sidelined and have to be figured out for effective functioning and use. With a hope of legal recognition worldwide, the manufacturers are putting in their best men and technology to advance to heights in the field of jamming.

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