Mobile phone spy: your secret agent

With byzantine mechanics working efficiently behind the easily applicable mobile phone spy software for people who have to travel a lot while at work and are forced to leave their staff at their own liberty and freedom; make things less troublesome and swift. The software enables one to monitor his/her staff with a child’s play like account and applications, which can be accessed from almost anywhere there is an internet facility.

The software records all telephonic conversations along with their time, duration and dialled numbers, also keeping an almanac of all the sms and GPS activities. It helps keep a check on the misuse and at the same time spies for one who doubts of any office information leaking out in public or in competitors with authentic evidences and scenarios.

On top of it lies the unbeatable quality of retaining data i.e. the data stays on the owner’s account even if the one using the phone deletes it or tampers with the above leaving not scope of escape, confusion, ambiguity or dilemma. So if one is suspecting a trickster who may be taking salary from your hard money but working for others kicking things ugly for you and your business or else misusing of the given perks finally have an answer with this software to defeat the con artist. So all those heaping high on telephone bills can surely apply the mobile phone spy software and be cooled off for long with their little secret agent.