A spy phone will protect your children

A spy phone will protect your children

Any parent knows that, during the age of growth, our kids’ curiosity, and their natural ingenuity which makes them trust anyone, may expose them to serious danger, for example when meeting people who, behind a respectable face, turn out to be real monsters.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to be physically near our children, but fortunately, technology lends us a hand, thanks to the introduction of spy phones.

A spy phone, on the outside, looks exactly the same as an ordinary handset. What makes it different is on the inside, thanks to the installation of an absolutely invisible piece of software, which allows a third party to listen to the user’s conversations in real time, while the latter is completely unaware.

Furthermore, it can send to a third party number, a copy of all text messages (incoming and outgoing), as well as a list of all calls placed and received, and if this software is installed on a phone that supports GPS mode, even geographical coordinates of longitude and latitude of the phone’s current location, to track down the phone and its user at any time.

And if your son’s handset is off, no need to worry: you can call from your preset number, and listen to his conversations, even while the phone is off.
In fact, the spy software is capable of using the mobile phone’s microphone as if it was a covert listening bug, and if you call it from your mobile, it will recognize your call and will immediately allow you to listen to what goes on around it, without giving out any visible sign of activity.

And if you smell danger, you can request the geographical coordinates and act immediately!