Total protection from eavesdropping, thanks to the invisible mobile phone

Total protection from eavesdropping, thanks to the invisible mobile phone

Since the beginning of time, men have always been dreaming about being able to fly, being invisible or talk freely wherever they are without anyone else listening, Unfortunately, as far as the first two dreams are concerned, your blogger is not able to assist, but he can surely give you good suggestions to talk without being listened to, specifically when you are on your mobile phone.

Conversations carried out through the GSM network, in fact, are much less private than we can actually imagine, and the network provider can listen to our phone calls at any time. But if you are taking the appropriate measures, for example by using an invisible cellphone, no one will ever be able to listen to your calls, which will remain as private as you want them to be.

Stealth Phone works according to the principle that it’s not the mobile phone number that is being intercepted, but it’s rather the handset itself. Therefore it is completely useless, if not dangerous, to change your SIM card, and then keep using the same handset, to make highly confidential calls, either of a personal or business nature.

Mobile phone interception is not based only on the telephone number, as one may think, but mostly on the IMEI number, that is, the number which identifies each single handset in the world. In order to protect yourself from an unwanted listener, you should theoretically change your phone, but this option comes with its risk as well.

Therefore the safest option is to keep using your mobile phone as you would normally do, but after providing yourselves with a Stealth mobile phone, a handset which changes its IMEI number dynamically. For example, it can be set to change the IMEI number after every call, and for those who try to intercept you it will be as if you are using a different phone every time you place a single call.

Generally, the calls that we wish to keep private are directed towards one number, for example our business partner, our spouse or… our lover! So, if someone wants to listen to our calls but can not do it because we are equipped with a Stealth untraceable phone, they should intercept conversations from our counterpart’s phone.

At this point, to keep these calls 100% private, all you need to do is simply make sure that also the person you are talking to is using a Stealth phone. By doing this, protection from unauthorized eavesdropping is absolute and total, you will be able to talk in absolute freedom and your private calls will remain private.

The Stealth cellphone is derived from a normal Siemens S65 phone, on which a special software is installed which generates a random IMEI number upon request, interacting with the handset’s firmware. Furthermore, Stealth Phone also features a protection similar to your home computer’s firewall, which would immediately notify you in the unlikely case of an eavesdropping attempt.

All you have to do in this case is close the call, generate a new IMEI code, and you will be able to restart the conversation where you left it. To obtain more information on how the invisible Stealth mobile phone works, you can visit Endoacustica, where you can find answers to all your question in the privacy protection field, to protect yourselves as well as your business and loved ones.