Best Audio Recorder and Receiver Kit for Spying

Best Audio Recorder and Receiver Kit for Spying

While most micro audio recorders planted for spying have to be operated manually. Sometimes it becomes imperative to operate the function of such devices in real-time. That is what this Spy Kit A1 radio works best for. This kit is a combination of a radio transmitter, wireless receiver and micro recorder, which allows the user to control the device and access files in real-time. meanwhile listening to a live audio stream. 

The kit is divided into two parts. One is the RF covert transmitter and high quality microphone, which is planted on the recording location, and the second is the receiver. The transmitter and recorder are connected by a small wire, which allows flexibility for mounting the device at even the most difficult locations. The recorder has an 8-16 khz sample rate for quality recording, and can easily detect sound from as far as 10 metres. The audio recorder also features a 128 Gb memory card, that can be used to record audio for weeks if not months. 

The audio recorder works in three different modes. It can either be manually switched on/off, or can be activated using the Voice Activation System. The recorder can also be scheduled for activation and recording at a specific time and/or schedule using the interactive software interface. 

The recorder works great for criminal activity investigation, and for situations where instant inputs and quick action is required. This is made possible by using the robust and interactive receiver module of this kit. The receiver wirelessly connects to the audio recorder transmitter, and can be used to control its function from as far as 400 metres. The big LED display and extremely intuitive interface of the receiver ensures that the important functions are on your fingertips. 

The best part of using the receiver is that you can directly download the recorded files from the audio recorder, which already has an SD card for quick and easy handling . Thus eliminating the need for physical access to the recording device. This can come handy in dangerous situations or during sting operations. 

Moreover, when the device is connected to a direct power supply, the device turns on the ideal assistant for monitoring arduous recording sessions. Additionally, the function(on/off and modes) of the recorder can be set remotely using the receiver. 

The files recorded on the device are fully encrypted to restrict unauthorized access, and recorded in wav format for instant and easy interpretation.  

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