Small and Secure Digital Audio Recorder

Small and Secure Digital Audio Recorder

A good audio recording device for spying and investigation has to be compact, lightweight, long lasting and most of all, secure. One very common threat with using such digital recording devices is the risk of them being discovered. Since most devices can be directly connected to a PC using a USB cable almost instantly. The chances of hacking and file retrieval increase ten folds in such cases. To solve this problem, this small audio recorder features a modular design with an external USB adapter that can be attached or detached when needed. It can be connected with the recorder using a 3.5mm audio jack mounted on its rear end. 

This recorder features a small and compact design, along with a short cable with a sharp mic on the end. The recorder is powered by 3.7V Li-ion battery, which can keep it operational upto 55 hours with continuous recording. It features 8 Gb internal storage, which helps with storing longer audio sessions with ease. The recorder has a recording bit rate of 192kbps, which ensures a high quality output. 

The best part of using this micro recorder is that you don’t have to rely upon any specific software. It directly records audio in wav format, and is also capable of playing mp3 format files. Thus making it even easier to access and play audio files. This comes handy in situations where you have to access files immediately and quickly between recording sessions.

The recorder is activated using a simple on/off switch mounted on the side. The LED flashes initially to indicate registration, and turns off afterwards to ensure concealed operation, especially in dark areas. The corded design of the recorder allows it to be mounted in cramped corners and spaces. Meanwhile ensuring 100% concealment. 

The ultra sensitive microphone of this recorder can detect sounds from as far as 10-12 metres. Making it ideal for undercover operations, parental control, security and spying on your partners or employees. The package also includes a charging brick which quickly charges the recorder. It is just 8mm thick, which makes sure it doesn’t protrude or imprint when hidden under any soft surface. 

The recorder is rendered useless without the USB adapter. Since it is the only bridge to access recorded files using a PC.  So make sure to keep it away when planting the recorder. 

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