Too many unwanted calls? Don’t change your number, change your voice!

Voice Changer

We all happened to have to deal with unwanted phone calls, either of a business or personal nature. It’s not exactly pleasant to receive a call while you are in the shower, crawl out, and answer the phone just to find out that it’s just another telemarketing operator calling us for the umpteenth time to sell us something that we don’t really need, or a person we do not really have the time (or the mood) to talk to.

Sometimes, especially if the person who receives the call is a woman, and in particular if she is living alone, unwanted calls might turn into a real harassment, in some cases even of a sexual nature. To protect yourselves from these fastidious calls, there is a technological remedy, an electronic voice changer.

The name says it all: a voice changer is a device that allows you to change the sound of your voice when you answer the phone, either landline or mobile. A woman picking up the phone, for example, might sound like an older man, a child or a boy, while a man can turn his voice into that of a woman, in a completely natural way.

Voice changing devices work on the frequencies of the human voice, manipulating them electronically in a totally natural way, without adding a metallic sound, You just select the kind of voice you want to sound like, and you will be free from molesters, salespersons, creditors and so on.

Furthermore, thanks to a voice changer you will be able to add some background noises or sounds, such as the sound of a doorbell, a barking dog or a crying baby, which will give you a perfect excuse to hang up on an unwanted call. So, if you don’t want to change your phone number… just change your voice!

Total protection from eavesdropping, thanks to the invisible mobile phone

Important Calls

Since the beginning of time, men have always been dreaming about being able to fly, being invisible or talk freely wherever they are without anyone else listening, Unfortunately, as far as the first two dreams are concerned, your blogger is not able to assist, but he can surely give you good suggestions to talk without being listened to, specifically when you are on your mobile phone.

Conversations carried out through the GSM network, in fact, are much less private than we can actually imagine, and the network provider can listen to our phone calls at any time. But if you are taking the appropriate measures, for example by using an invisible cellphone, no one will ever be able to listen to your calls, which will remain as private as you want them to be.

Stealth Phone works according to the principle that it’s not the mobile phone number that is being intercepted, but it’s rather the handset itself. Therefore it is completely useless, if not dangerous, to change your SIM card, and then keep using the same handset, to make highly confidential calls, either of a personal or business nature.

Mobile phone interception is not based only on the telephone number, as one may think, but mostly on the IMEI number, that is, the number which identifies each single handset in the world. In order to protect yourself from an unwanted listener, you should theoretically change your phone, but this option comes with its risk as well.

Therefore the safest option is to keep using your mobile phone as you would normally do, but after providing yourselves with a Stealth mobile phone, a handset which changes its IMEI number dynamically. For example, it can be set to change the IMEI number after every call, and for those who try to intercept you it will be as if you are using a different phone every time you place a single call.

Generally, the calls that we wish to keep private are directed towards one number, for example our business partner, our spouse or… our lover! So, if someone wants to listen to our calls but can not do it because we are equipped with a Stealth untraceable phone, they should intercept conversations from our counterpart’s phone.

At this point, to keep these calls 100% private, all you need to do is simply make sure that also the person you are talking to is using a Stealth phone. By doing this, protection from unauthorized eavesdropping is absolute and total, you will be able to talk in absolute freedom and your private calls will remain private.

The Stealth cellphone is derived from a normal Siemens S65 phone, on which a special software is installed which generates a random IMEI number upon request, interacting with the handset’s firmware. Furthermore, Stealth Phone also features a protection similar to your home computer’s firewall, which would immediately notify you in the unlikely case of an eavesdropping attempt.

All you have to do in this case is close the call, generate a new IMEI code, and you will be able to restart the conversation where you left it. To obtain more information on how the invisible Stealth mobile phone works, you can visit Endoacustica, where you can find answers to all your question in the privacy protection field, to protect yourselves as well as your business and loved ones.

Recharge your mobile phone with alcohol, just like a cigarette lighter!

As of now, you can recharge your cellphone as if it was a lighter, but fortunately, you will not be able to use it to light a cigarette! In fact, Toshiba has just announced the launch, as of 29 october, of Dynario, an alcohol battery charger which, once its small fuel tank is filled with methanol, is capable of supplying power to recharge two mobile phones, MP3 players or small electronic devices, connected via a USB cable.

To fill up the alcohol tank, you just need 20 seconds, and once this simple task is carried out, you will have at your disposal a comfortable self-powered battery charger, that you can use also when travelling, for example on a train or a bus where there are no electricity plugs. Thanks to the optimization of the methanol flow, Dynario is a source of stable and continuous power, perfectly suitable for applications such as, as mentioned above, recharging mobile phones, small gadgets or pocket-sized electronic devices.

Futrhermore, its performance is also stabilized by adding a lithium-ion battery, which is powered by the methanol itself and serves as a backup power source when the tank runs out of alcohol. Maybe you will not be able to take it with you on a plane due to the flammable liquid ion the inside, but under this point of view, the ethanol battery charger is compliant with all security regulations.

If you want to put your hands on a Dynario, though, you have to go a long way, and do it quick, as it will be available only in 3000 pieces, which can only be ordered on the Japanese market through the Toshiba website.

A spy phone will protect your children


Any parent knows that, during the age of growth, our kids’ curiosity, and their natural ingenuity which makes them trust anyone, may expose them to serious danger, for example when meeting people who, behind a respectable face, turn out to be real monsters.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to be physically near our children, but fortunately, technology lends us a hand, thanks to the introduction of spy phones.

A spy phone, on the outside, looks exactly the same as an ordinary handset. What makes it different is on the inside, thanks to the installation of an absolutely invisible piece of software, which allows a third party to listen to the user’s conversations in real time, while the latter is completely unaware.

Furthermore, it can send to a third party number, a copy of all text messages (incoming and outgoing), as well as a list of all calls placed and received, and if this software is installed on a phone that supports GPS mode, even geographical coordinates of longitude and latitude of the phone’s current location, to track down the phone and its user at any time.

And if your son’s handset is off, no need to worry: you can call from your preset number, and listen to his conversations, even while the phone is off.
In fact, the spy software is capable of using the mobile phone’s microphone as if it was a covert listening bug, and if you call it from your mobile, it will recognize your call and will immediately allow you to listen to what goes on around it, without giving out any visible sign of activity.

And if you smell danger, you can request the geographical coordinates and act immediately!

A mini digital video recorder that works underwater and in the dark

DVR 510

Some weeks ago, we have showed you the latest model of digital video recorder by Flip, a manufacturer which is also inspiring its competitors for the launch of their new products. Vivitar has just introduced a model which, though with a smaller memory capacity compared to Flip (4Gb vs. 8), sports some characteristics which make it unique.

The size is equally tiny, and within just 11 by 6 centimeters, DVR 510 has all the features of a high-end miniature video recorder: a 1.8” display, 8X digital zoom, a built-in USB connector just like its competitors’ namesake, a 640×480 pixel resolution in AVI format, a TV output and a 2Gb in-built memory which, with a MicroSD card, can be expanded up to 4Gb.

What makes it one of a kind, though, is the night vision and, most of all, its waterproof shell which makes it suitable for shooting underwater footage. In fact, DVR 510 can be used at up to 5 meters of depth. It is by no means a professional underwater camera, but can surely be a useful accessory to shoot memories of your adventures during your seaside holidays.

Infrared night vision makes it suitable also for a wide range of potentials, such as a useful support for surveillance operations, or as a hidden camera for night videos, both leisurely and professional. All this, furthermore, comes at a very reasonable price. In fact, the retail price of Vivitar’s new toy starts at 50 dollars.

GPS Puzzle Box: It started out as a wedding gift…


It was originally born as a wedding present from a university researcher who wanted to surprise his friends, but GPS Puzzle Box, in fact, could have a potential for many more applications in several fields.
It is a real modern version of the “treasure box” we read about in many adventure books, with the difference that it is not protected by a secret code or hidden in some faraway island, but it will open automatically only when it is taken to a specific place.

The GPS Box is a carved wooden box, of the sort you would find in any Middle Eastern street market, but on its lid it sports a display and a button.

By pushing this button, you will be able to see the distance from the point where the box will automatically open (but not the direction!). the button can be pushed up to 50 times, and once you reach this limit you will no longer be able to open it, so a bit of logic is required to find out the right direction to take.

It looks very easy like this, although the practical usage of such a box might fail some of us. The prototype was born as a wedding present, concealing a USB key with some books in PDF format, and the opening location was a place dear to the newlyweds.

But just try to think that such a system, if applied for example on a safety suitcase, could be used to send documents of an extremely confidential nature, and making sure that they are opened and read only in the right place and by the right people.

At this point, applications for this GPS security system could be practically endless… and yes, they might even include a wedding present!

Turn your phone into a safe haven, and talk free from prying ears!


The very technology that makes us free to communicate with our business and with your loved ones at any time and from any place, could turn into our worst nightmare if, by chance, someone is trying to listen to our conversations to illegally gather information that can be used against us, either on a personal or financial level.

The good news, though, is that you do not need to be a secret agent, or a tycoon, to afford protection for your conversations from this kind of attacks, which are much more common than one can imagine. Basically, every mobile phone of the latest generations can be protected from interceptions, by using the right encryption software.

By providing your cellphone with this kind of software, very easy to install, the signal is encoded using two possible options: a 256-bit symmetric or 1024-bit asymmetric encryption key; once encrypted, it is transmitted over the GSM network in a format that the network itself would only recognize as white noise. By making sure that the phone at the other end is equipped with the same encryption key, its user will be the only person enabled to communicate with you, and the other way around.

Thanks to Safe & Talk, the encryption software marketed by Endoacustica, you will not need to worry anymore when you are talking on the phone, as your phone calls will be as private as you want them to be.

To make sure that your private conversations really stay private


As the old and wise saying goes, even walls have ears. We know that this saying is particularly true if, within those walls, conversations take place which are highly confidential, or at least, the participants would like them to remain as confidential as possible.
We also know, though, that especially if the stakes are high and there are high amounts of money involved, there is always a chance, as narrow as it may be, that prying ears could be listening to our words.

To provide protection against this kind of events, a group of scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is working on a system that would mask conversations by producing sounds through a network of small loudspeakers placed in the area to protect.

The so-called Distributed Acoustic Conversation Shielding System is made up of a series of portable transceivers equipped with an infrared sensor, a microphone and a small loudspeaker; each of the participants is equipped with one of these personal sensors, recognized by the main unit, towards which they send their position when they are moving from room to room.

As soon as the IR sensor detects the presence of someone not equipped with a similar device, the loudspeakers on the individual transceiver would send out a sound on the same frequency of the one that must be masked (like human voice) making eavesdroppers’ life impossible.

Currently this system is still in its early development stages, it will take a few years before we can see it working. To obtain more information on bug sweeping and anti-eavesdropping systems available on the market, you can visit the Endoacustica site.

A GPS locator specifically designed for kids, to track them down anytime

Child GPS

For concerned parents, worried at the idea that their pre-teen kids might end up in trouble due to their natural curiosity and penchant for exploration, Brick House Security has just created Amber Alert, a small GPS sensor, practical and easy to use, which gives concerned parents the opportunity to know at any time the whereabouts of the person wearing it, thus intervening in time if their kids are about to get themselves into some unpleasant situation.

Along with a small GPS antenna, Amber Alert also features a SIM card just like the one you have on your cellphone, All you have to do is place the locator in your son’s coat pocket, or in his school backpack. In case of need, you will just have to send a text message to the phone number connected to the SIM card, and you will promptly receive an SMS reply, showing the exact geographical coordinates and the address of the place where your son is right now.

Furthermore, if your phone is equipped with map software, you will be able to display the exact position in graphic mode. In order to avoid losing it accidentally, Amber Alert can be also placed on a bracelet or a belt, so that the kid will wear it at all times. It is currently for sale only in the US, at a price of 379 dollars, and it also features a hotline subscription.

For other types of GPS trackers, not only for children, but also for pets, objects or elders suffering of diseases such as Alzheimer, you can visit the Endoacustica site for further information.

Control your appliances remotely via your mobile phone

GSM Auto

We are in this field since a long time, but it looks like Quantek Systems has just discovered the world of unlimited distance surveillance over the GSM phone network. In fact, last month the British company has launched its GSM-Auto, a remote control that is used to activate, through a normal telephone call, any electric or electronic device connected to it.

All you have to do is call the number associated to its SIM card, and GSM-Auto, without answering the call, will recognize the calling number and, hanging up automatically, will activate the device or appliance, for example a car alarm, a security gate or a home computer.

It can also be restarted by sending an SMS with a particular text string. Basically, GSM-Auto works like your ordinary remote control, but from an unlimited distance.
On the other hand, if what we need is a real surveillance operation, listening to whatever happens inside a room or a car, wherever we and our subject are located, what we can use is a GSM bug, that is, a tiny listening device connected to a SIM card, to be concealed inside a car or a room.

In this case, by calling its number, we will be able to listen in real time, through the ultra-sensitive hidden microphone, to any conversation taking place around it. Furthermore, GSM bugs can be programmed remotely via SMS, and thanks to their voice activation sensor, they can be programmed to call us automatically as soon as the sensor detects a motion or a noise or, if installed on a car, as soon as the car is turned on or off.

In either case, both GSM Auto and a GSM Bug are capable of carrying out their function while we are comfortably sitting on our armchair at home, safely away from any danger. Easy, huh?